The Truth About Magic by Atticus

What could I possibly say about Atticus’ The Truth About Magic? All good things. I think I need to state first that I do not read poetry because sometimes I find it hard to make sense of the words. In this book, Atticus has written words that is exactly how I feel about poetry:

“Poetry at the wrong time is madness
poetry at the right time is magic.”

I must say that getting this book was the right decision. Reading Atticus’ poetry has changed my opinion on poems, especially since I was lucky enough to attend his book signing in Denver a while ago. It was attended by a lot of people, so I had the opportunity to read his book while waiting to get my book signed. Well, I have to say that reading Atticus’ poetry lived up to the title for me. He has the ability to write words that I can understand, and most importantly, relate to. Some were fun to read, some made me smile, some made me laugh, and some were emotionally touching. I am truly in awe of his ability to put feelings to paper.

Oh, and it was such a pleasure to meet him in person. He’s such a sweet guy, especially after we (I went there with my sister, she’s more of his admirer than I am!) told him that we’re from Indonesia. He was so happy that he even asked us from a selfie! Yes, you read that right, HE asked US! Of course, we said yes and my sister might be the happiest in the room that day!

If you love poetry, then this is a book you wouldn’t want to miss! The magic is not only a word you read on the book title, but it is found within every page you turn.

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